Our family
has been at the helm
of the only mushroom
farm active in Piedmont,
Liguria and
the Aosta Valley
since 1975.
We have come
a long way since
then and over 40
people now work
with us.

Mushrooms have been our greatest passion for over forty years. We grow fresh Champignon, Pleurotus, Cornucopia and Pioppino mushrooms and sell them to markets, large-scale distributors, food industries, restaurants and canteens.


As well as selling them, mushrooms form the main ingredient of our tasty range of products. Our selection includes traditional Piedmontese antipasti and pickles to whet your appetite, main meals which can be ready in only a few minutes, and tasty but also healthy sauces for your pasta. We also grow 100% organic mushrooms, high quality products cultivated in special areas.


As well as being proud of our long history, we are also committed to producing in a sustainable way, so that we can pass on our priceless natural heritage to future generations. We use technology as a valuable tool for limiting environmental impact. We have installed a trigeneration plant to produce electricity, heat and refrigeration and the most up-to-date technology is used in our cultivation cells to automatically monitor parameters such as humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide and the amount of water in the crops.

With our first priority being the quality of our products, we systematically control raw materials, semi-finished and finished products and the environments and materials involved in our production. When we grow our mushrooms we take into account natural biological rhythms, and our experienced staff monitor and control every aspect of production. Finally, we pick the ripe mushrooms, carefully selecting them and sending them quickly for packaging or processing. Our products therefore reach your table in record time so that you can enjoy their unmistakable aroma and great organoleptic characteristics.

Finally, thanks to our flexible production system, we are able to respond to any type of request regarding quantity, format and product assortment. Our fluid, state-of-the-art production processes speed up all operations and mean that our mushrooms reach their destination under the best conditions and in the shortest possible time.  It is our professionalism and competence, gained over forty years in the sector, that makes all of this possible.